ArtisTech Media operates ccMixter.org, a collaborative global music community, dig.ccMixter.org, a free music library for creators and influencers,and TuneTrack.net, a licensing platform when you need more than a Creative Commons license.

ArtisTech believes that Listeners...

  1. Are hungry for quality music and artistry.

  2. Expect a full music experience.

  3. Want free streaming. (Free as in speech, and sometimes as in beer :)

  4. Are willing to vote with their wallets when they are not being taken for granted.

ArtisTech believes that Artists...

  1. Want a transparent business model.

  2. Want to develop their careers.

  3. Want artistic and commercial control over their art.

  4. Want fair treatment from their business partners.

ArtisTech is innovative...

  1. Artistically, sonically and commercially.

  2. It's hard work, but immensely satisfying.

  3. Because the old trails don't seem to lead to many good places anymore.

ArtisTech is open...

  1. Our agreements are non-exclusive--we do not believe in artist lock-in.

  2. Our downloands have no DRM--we do not believe in customer lock-in.

  3. Our licenses are creative commons--they facilitiate sharing, chosen by the artist.

  4. Our revenue models are are transparent--we do not like sneakiness (Click on Contact)

ArtisTech believes that magic happens when artists collaborate...

  1. In "real-life" or on-line.

  2. In parallel or sequentially.

  3. As planned or spontaneously.

ArtisTech thinks bigger picture...

  1. Our imagination is ignited by innovative groups and people, who do nice things for others.

  2. We support initiatives that are sustainable, and good for the planet.  (Visit AWAKE)

  3. We vote by giving our time. And our wallets when we can.